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Dr.Sajeevan E

Dr.Sajeevan E-experienced dentist in kerala
About Doctor:

Graduated from Calicut dental college in 1987, Dr.E.Sajeevan did private dental practice at Kuttiady , Calicut district for more than 12 years establishing a

Dr.Abdul Majeed Kavarodi

Dr.Abdul Majeed Kavarodi-best dentist in kerala
About Doctor:

Graduated from GDC & H (Calicut) B.D.S (Calicut),Kozhikode

Specialised in   Oral and Maxillofacial surgery (M.D.S-Mysore University ), Fellowship from Royal College of Edinburgh,UK

Dr.Libin Chandra

Dr.Libin Chandra-dentist in Thalassery kerala
About Doctor:

Graduated from K V G Dental College, Sullia. After Completing his graduation in 2008 , he worked there as a junior resident doctor for one year.  Then he joined

Dr.Anupama Soman

Dr.Anupama Soman-Novadent
About Doctor:

Graduated from Mahathma Gandhi Post Graduate Institute Of Dental Sciences, Puduchery which is an India Govt. Undertaking, in the year of 2010. After her Graduation, she ha

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