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Dental FAQ

Is thumb sucking harmful to childs dental health?

Thumb sucking during the first year or two of a child's life need not cause any concern. Any irregularities in the position of teeth that is directly due to sucking habits will probably correct itself Read more

How to control dental infection

dental infections are often dangerous. It is necessary to avoid a dental infection by preventive measures ,a Routine dental check up can detect the probable cause of infection and can be prevented . I Read more

Can we place Implant through Impacted teeth ?

There are case reports of placing implant trough Impacted teeth but the success rate is still questionable   Unconventional implant treatment Placement of Implants Through Impacted Teeth. Thre Read more

What are the types of teeth?

There are two types of teeth: the primary, also called as 'baby' or 'milk' teeth, and the permanent teeth. There are 20 primary and 32 permanent teeth. In some persons, one or more of these teeth may Read more

What is a healthy tooth?

A healthy tooth is strong and clean with solid bones and sound gums, free from cavities and decay. Read more

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