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Dental FAQ

What should be done if you accidentally break or crack a tooth?

You must visit your dentist immediately. The dentist will probably take and x-ray examination and then place medicated cement over the sensitive part of the fractured tooth. If it is a serious fractur Read more

What all dental problems can cause bad breath?

Deposition of plaque on teeth, swollen gums, periodontal Problems, tooth abscess and cavities in tooth can cause bad breath. Other than dental problems, bad breath can be caused by throat or ear infec Read more

Should you use a mouthwash?

You may use a mouthwash if you want a pleasant breath temporarily. But it won’t remove Plaque and prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Bad breath may indicate some other bodily disorders. Do not Read more

What is Cavity and how is it caused?

The loss of enamel surface of tooth due to action of plaque or due to improper brushing is called cavity. The acid attacks the soft inner layer of tooth causing severe pain. Bacteria could infect the Read more

What should be done if cavities are formed?

The carious or decayed part of tooth has to be removed and cavities filled. Read more

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