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Dental FAQ

What is the relation between nutrition and dental health?

Calcium and phosphorous are necessary for hardening the tooth during the early years of tooth formation. A balanced diet throughout life maintains a good dental health. Read more

How does tooth decay start?

When food particles are left on the teeth, bacteria turn them into acid which eats way into the Enamel, then into the Dentine and finally into the Pulp. This causes tooth ache. When the decay reaches Read more

What is gum disease?

Bacteria in Plaque can release substance that irritate and inflame gum tissues. This condition is called Gingivitis. When Plaque is not removed, it hardens around the gum line and forms Tartar. The in Read more

How can tooth decay and gum disease be prevented?

Eat food enriched with vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating sweet or sticky food between meals. Brush your teeth regularly after every meal. Visit your dentist once in every six mo Read more

What is the proper age at which to begin correcting irregular teeth?

An age of 8 years is ideal for a child to correct his irregular teeth. Read more

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