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Dental Implants in India

Teeth Implants in India

Making you Smile...... Nobel Biocare offers an extensive assortment of bone-level and tissue-level dental implants for all indications, bone types and surgical protocols, to satisfy every user experience level and selected treatment concept. best dental treatment in kannur

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Dental Implants in Kerala

Tooth Implants in India

What is an Implant?

An Implant is an artificial tooth consisting of a root and a natural looking replacement tooth. The root is made of titanium, which is placed within the gum to form a secure foundation. The replacement tooth is made of porcelain, or a special plastic (sometimes on a metal base) and it is fitted on top of the titanium root. Somet

Teeth Implant Crown and Bridges
Advanced Laser Assisted Implant Surgery
  • Laser assisted implant procedure developed at novadent makes it possible for pain free implant surgery with 100% healing  with minimum post surgical problems
  • Lasers makes the implant procedure quick easy and comfortable for patients with minimum surgery
  • Highly skilled doctors with state of the art facility provide world class implant procedures.
  • Advanced Laser Assisted Implant Surgery
Teeth Implants in India
  • Immediate implants makes it possible for replacing missing tooth in emergency situation.
  • Implant can be loaded in single visit after diagnosis.
  • Effective treatment in a single visit.
Immediate Implants

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